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Monday, September 19, 2005

Mae is for...Everyone

Everyone's favourite Virginia quintet has spent the better part of September continuing their quest for world domination. The guys in Mae were asked to join the Weezer/Foo Fighters tour as opening act for a string of (most likely) sold out shows. I'm sure they reluctantly accepted. In honor of what could be the biggest break of their career we dug out a review of their latest record The Everglow, written back in March of this year when said album "dropped".

Mae is good...nay, great at writing subtle, catchy songs that sneak up and grow on you, like some sort of delightful fungus. Straight up, The Everglow might be one of the best CDs Tooth And Nail has ever put out. I realize this is the same label that put out Life In General, Emotion Is Dead, Drawing Black Lines, Pedro The Lion's 1st album, Mike Knott's Strip Cycle, all the Starflyer albums, Blindside's first 2 releases, and Supertones Strike Back; not to mention freaking The Moon Is Down, and Underoath's Joshua Tree of Screamo They're Only Chasing Safety. Figuring out why Mae's latest album belongs in such company is a much harder task, like trying to explain why a joke is funny. Rarely has a musical puzzle been put together so wonderfully, and even more rarely has an album been so dead on in doing what it set out to accomplish. Drummer Jacob Marshall's study in how senses perceive information, perfectly sums up the hard to pinpoint beauty in Mae's sound. "What would music look like if you could see it? What would it feel like and how would it taste?" In this case every piece is a perfect fit. Each sincere, cheesy lyric. Each over the top piano melody. Every form-fitting snare crack and cymbal crash is noticably thought out and shows 5 close-knit people practicing incredible musical awareness. In and of itself these things could still make for an underwhelming album, but hand in hand with catchy pop hooks, soaring melody lines, and the fantastic production of Ken Edwards (Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) Mae will doubtless improve with every album until they either get signed to Geffen Records or die in a tragic bus accident. I guess it's all the same really...


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