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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

On the road...

In what's shaping up to be one of the best tours this fall, Story Of The Year hits the road later this week with Anberlin, Funeral For A Friend, and He Is Legend. Both He Is Legend and Anberlin's latest videos can be seen at

Meanwhile, starting October 6th
Mae begins headlining the much anticipated "This Music Is Much Too Loud" tour. Special guests include Mashlin, Circa Survive, Discover America, The Working Title, and New Orleans buzz band Mute Math. Bzzzzzzzzz......

Next, Pedro The Lion will open their arms to the lovely people of Europe and the UK starting September 7th. The tour will last until September 20th and hit most of Western Europe and England. The line up for these shows will be David Bazan on vocals and guitar, TW Walsh on bass, and Trey Many on drums. Expect a great show from openers The Amazing Pilots as well. And you remember Headphones right? David Bazan's electronic side project Headphones will be hitting the road again in October and November. The line-up for these shows will be David Bazan on vocals and keyboards, and Nick Peterson on drums.

And, not to be outdone The Juliana Theory (fresh off a divorce with Epic Records) have made plans for not one, but two super tours this fall. Tour #1 (in progress) bills them with Lovedrug, The Goodwill, and Days Away, while Tour #2 finds them lifting a wing for Jamison Parker, June, and The Fury. It should all wrap up sometime around Christmas (no pun intended).
TJT's latest album Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat (out Sept 13th on PaperFist Recordings) is their 2nd attempt to follow up 2000's Emotion Is Dead (widely considered one of the best emo albums of all time). By the by if you haven't heard "Shotgun Serenade" at their PureVolume site you probably won't be able to share in our excitement for this record.

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