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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Updates up the wazooo

In a very Tooth And Nail-esque move, The Miltia Group has signed like, 300 bands in the last few months. The newest additions to the MG family include, The Class of '98, Cartel, Let Go, Man Alive, fielding, and The Panic Division. We're especially stoked on Man Alive, the first rock band in...maybe ever, to call Isreal home. Check them out at

Sept, 27th is shaping up to be a real gas. Panic! at the Disco, David Crowder Band, Project 86, Grandaddy, My American Heart, and Wolf Parade are just some of the great bands dropping albums (figuratively) this Tuesday. The buzz around the new Crowder album is to say the least...necessary. Mark our words that this (21 track) album will raise the bar for artistic minded worship music, like no album before it. A Collision is coming.

Who or what is Family Force 5, how did they get signed to Maverick, and is "crunk-rock" even a thing? Our opinion? Well if first impressions are everything, we're stumped. Our snob instinct says rap/rock should stay in the grave where it belongs, but the loser in us is intrigued. It's a little bit like northern lights, they're cool to look at, but it's mostly pieces of garbage up in space. Business Up Front, Party In The Back is scheduled for release early 2006. Check out the video at and make sure it wasn't all a dream.

In a great credibility move, Kevin Max (four-time Grammy Award winner, and member of Christian powerhouse group dcTalk) is set to release his second solo title, The Imposter, on Northern Records, Oct. 11th. The project is the (relatively) anticipated followup to 2001's Stereotype Be. It features 12 songs plus a bonus track.

In a move pretty much proving that they are really NOT breaking up, emo visionaries Thursday have announced that they are entering the studio with acclaimed producer Dave Fridmann (the Flaming Lips, Sleater-Kinney) to work on the follow-up to 2003's War All The Time. They have 16 songs ready to go and hope to have the record out in early-to-mid 2006. For reals? For reals.

Future "mainstreamo" band Taking Back Sunday have also announced that they are entering the studio with acclaimed producer/"fungineer" Eric Valentine (Queens Of The Stoneage, Third Eye Blind) to work on the follow up to 2004's Where You Want To Be. The album (their major label debut) will release on Warner Bros., after sales of two previous albums helped the staff of Victory Records finance...well, everything.

Foo Fighters (maybe you've heard of them) have the new video for their latest single "D.O.A." posted at I hear the kids are up in arms about it.

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