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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Waking Replacements

Whispers have been floating through cyberspace, that Tooth And Nail breakout piano/rock act Waking Ashland have decided to call it quits just days before the beginning of a tour with Jamison Parker, An Angle, and others. They recently quashed those rumours with the following press release:

"Apparently the last post left people confused. Hopefully this clears up everything. Andrew and Thomas will not be playing with Waking Ashland anymore. However Waking Ashland will not be missing any shows or taking any time off because of this. We will all miss those two guys and will always remember all the great times that we have had over the past year and a half. We wish both of them all the best and stll consider them some of our best friends. As with any relationship sometimes problems and conflict arise. We worked really hard to try and make it work. But at some point you see the inevitable approaching....and basically what we did is took the initiative in order to not miss a beat. We will continue to push forward and we hope all of you guys will come along for the ride."

Make sure to check out the excellent video for their first single "I Am For You (Don't Give Up)" at their MySpace site and at Tooth And Nail.

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