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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A letter from Scott...

From: Scott Fitzsimmons, Music Director, Alive 99.5FM.
Re: Project 86 - And The Rest Will Follow...

I know it's early, but I love the new album! I was so excited for the new songs, and I like all of them. It did take a little sitting down and listening to, but not much. Musically it's more creative, and I like the lyrics from what I can tell. If you ask me this will be a very close second to Drawing Black Lines, if it doesn't surpass it. I also think they're back to where they were when they wrote DBL. There is something on this album spiritually, and it's so exciting! Plus seeing them at HarvestMoon Festival, you can see that they are so much happier with life. I've never seen Andrew smile so much! He seems to be realizing that he doesn't have to put on a face off stage like he does on stage. He can be different on stage while still being the same person. It seems like there is so much joy in his life! I didn't get to talk to him this time, but you could definitely tell! Plus he's started interacting with the crowd a lot more as oppose to just performing, and people are enjoying it a lot more. He still captivates a crowd like no one else! It was such an amazing show! Just give yourself some time to listen through the album, it is WELL worth it. It starts really strong, and does start to fade off near the end, but the beginning songs are strong enough that I think it will stand the test of time like Drawing Black Lines.

It's funny that their first song on the disc 'Sincerely Ichabod' references Drawing Black Lines. 'We once drew some lines in black, and right now it's about time we took them back/So bored of losing ground to the heresy in our hearts.' When I complimented Andrew on DBL being their best album, he kind of chuckled. I think they are proud of it but have gone through SO MUCH since then, that they have shaped into a different band today. It's safe to say that they want people to stop looking back at what they used to be. And if anything can accomplish that, this album can.

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