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Monday, October 10, 2005

Take some ZAO and call me in the morning...

Just in time for Christmas Zao has announced the release of a staggering 2 DISC DVD!

"Available in stores everywhere Nov 15th, 'The Lesser Lights Of Heaven' is one of the single most expansive music DVDs ever. It features a 3.5 hour documentary on the tumultuous history of Zao. The DVD takes the viewer through the life of the band from it's inception, album by album, to Zao today, more than 10 years later. The documentary is completed by multiple interviews with the current band members, previous members (including Brett from the Juliana Theory and Jesse Smith), label people from SolidState and Ferret (those dudes rule) and much more. This 2-Disc set also features over 35 live songs comprised of 2 full live sets from the 'Funeral of God' tours and multiple songs from Zao over the years - including impressive moments like when the band broke up on stage." - Ferret Music


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