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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Best Of The Year - Part 6

Merry Christmas from your friends at Bring Back Vinyl!!!

Nathan Bezoplenko is a Zeller's employee/cool guy/guitarist for Buffet Of Death. He lives in Saskatoon, SK, but most likely not for long. These are the 10 best albums of the year according to him.

"Here it is, in all of its glory, I was sick all this week so I was able to tackle this very overwhelming request of the 10 best albums of the year. A very Intimidating task that asks me to reach deep inside the depths of my soul to unleash the greatest top 10 of 2005 ever. Enjoy...." - Nate

1. I'm Wide Awake it's Morning - Bright Eyes..... (It doesnt get much better than this which is why its at my #1 , It's what this guy was born to do.)
2. The Everglow - Mae.....( I dont have much to say, but at the same time I have so much, It blows me away everytime I listen to it)
3.Plans - Death Cab For Cutie....( I don't Care how popular they get or if its cool to like them, it's a great album. )
4.Broken Social Scene....(Im going to be honest I was undecided if I liked this album at the begining, My goodness did it ever grow on me, man I love Canada)
5.The Magic Numbers....(This is beautiful music, give me a little longer with this album and they will hands down climb my chart)
6.In Motion - Copeland.....(It's a very original album)
7.Silent Alarm - Bloc Party.....( This album gets me stoked and I dont even know why, seriously maybe its the accent)
8.Illinois - Sufjan Stevens.... (i'm not always in the mood for this album, but when I am, I AM)
9.Demon Days - Gorrilaz......(yup thats right I just put the Gorrilaz on my top ten of 2005, you wanna fight about it, Didnt think so, its a good album)
10.No Wow - The Kills.....( I pop this album in when I (A) a tad angry (B) Think Im in a movie (C) Wanna hear a great album)

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