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Saturday, October 15, 2005

A video...for the loveless

Has anyone ever noticed how much Brett Detar looks like Chris Carrabba? The Juliana Theory have posted the first video from their new album Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat, for the song "This Is A Lovesong...For The Loveless". Please go check it out HERE and please go buy the new CD.

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so much good news...

Wayne Coyne, front man of The Flaming Lips, announced that the group has finished filming their highly anticipated movie, Christmas on Mars. The band plans on releasing the film sometime this summer along with a tour to support their upcoming album, At War with the Mystics

The Futureheads are releasing a new EP on November 28 entitled the Area EP. They are using the EP to tide fans over until they enter the studio with producer Ben Hillier in the coming weeks to record their new album.

If you haven't heard the new song from The Strokes yet, you can listen to it HERE. The single is due out December 5, but you can buy it on itunes now. The new album First Impressions Of Earth is due out January 9.

Thrice have released the much-anticipated video for 'Image Of The Invisible,' the first single from their upcoming album Vheissu. The video was directed by Jay Martin (Burning Brides, Eagles Of Death Metal) and was co-written by Thrice guitarist Teppei Teranishi and My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way. You can view it here. Vheissu comes out this Tuesday, Oct. 18, on Island Records.

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Raise Up

Just a reminder to everyone in the Saskatoon metropolitan area, to scrape together $10 for the Raise Up benefit show at West Portal Church (3134 33rd St. W) this Friday at 7:30pm. Tickets are available at the door and at Scott's Parable on Miller Ave. Just in case you forgot, we should probably remind you of the insane line up.

Captain (
Whittaker (
The Reception (
Silence Through Injustice (
Means (

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They're Only Kicking Ass

This last week Underoath re-entered the Billboard Heatseakers #1! Last week they weren't on the chart at all, and this week they hold down the top spot ahead of many artists from major labels. It wasn't reported whether this was the original album release or the CD/DVD Special Edition set.

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And the Rest Followed...

The brand new Project 86 album And The Rest Will Follow... sold over 8,000 copies in it's first week debuting at #3 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, #2 on New Alternative Artists Chart, and #131 on the Billboard top 200! This is the highest debut in the history of the band. Visit the brand new for tour dates and much more.

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the Happiest freaking Christmas EVER

Tooth And Nail's Happy Christmas Volume 4 have posted three more songs on their PureVolume site.

Relient K - I Celebrate The Day

Anberlin - Baby Please Come Home
and (being added sometime today)...
Mae - Carol Of The Bells

Click HERE to listen. NOW.

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News Clues

This week Victory Records band Aiden sold 5832 copies of their debut 'Nightmare Anatomy', debuting at #196 in the Billboard Top 200. They also hit #8 on the New Artist Chart and #16 on the Independent Chart.

Blink 182's 'Greatest Hits' CD and 'Greatest Videos' DVD are set to hit stores Nov. 1st. The CD includes all the hits you would expect as well as two previously unreleased tracks. The DVD contains 13 of the band's hit videos (even that stupid one for 'I Miss You').

Swedish rockers Blindside have announced an unfortunate tour with Canadian "nu metal/whatever" rockers Trapt. Which reminds me, Swedish metal band In Flames has signed to Ferret Records. Which reminds me, if you haven't heard the new Every Time I Die record Gutter Phenomenon, you probably won't be able to sleep tonight. At the very least, go listen to some clips at their PureVolume site. Then feel free to get some sleep.

And lastly, Common has dropped off of the Kanye West tour; his label announced that he did so in order to take a film role. We're crossing our fingers for Big Mama's House 2.

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Possibly the most intriguing band since mewithoutYou, you definitely want to hear the new songs from Portugal. The Man. Their debut album 'Waiter: You Vultures' is set to come out this January on Fearless Records. You can hear two new songs at their PureVolume site by clicking HERE.

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Live Eyes

Conor Oberst announced that his own Team Love Records will release Bright Eyes' first live album, Motion Sickness, on Nov. 15. I have absolutely nothing clever to say. At all.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Constructive Elitism

"It is true that much of what we call "criticism" is little more than snobby sniping at things we deem "popular." Music lovers want to see their favorite band making just enough money to keep going; film lovers are violently opposed to their "art house" films gaining mass followings. Somehow, notoriety has been equated with artistic degradation. Too often, critics give in to this sentiment, devolving into a kind of self-indulgent snobbery. I indict myself as well. How many times have I looked at my CD collection with a smug little thought that I've avoided popular music in favor of the newest indie sensation?"

> Ryan Hamm, "Confessions of an Elitist" <

Read the rest of the article here.

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Goodbye friends of the heavenly bodies

If you have not yet checked out the long-anticipated Neverending White Lights project spearheaded by Canadian singer-songwriter Daniel Victor, you need to do so. The project was two years in the making, and it is one of the most intriguing concepts to come out in years: a different guest vocalist for each track, but all songs written and performed by Daniel Victor. It's ethereal, it's encapsulating, it's beautiful, it's haunting, it's mysterious, it's genius. And it's mostly Canadian.

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Monday, October 10, 2005

We update so you don't have to

Be the first (figuratively) to see the Blackout Pact's new video for We Drink So You Don't Have To, by clicking HERE. It's a pretty catchy little ditty.

But if you only have time for one music video today, go to the
MILITIA GROUP website and watch the new video Say What You Want by everyone's favourite Isreali-Punk-Rock quartet Man Alive. It makes that Blackout Pact song look like a pile of puke. It also proves once and for all that everyone sounds American when they sing.

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October madness

This upcoming week is shaping into a pretty good one for Late Night TV. Monday you can catch The Killers on The Tonight Show and Kasabian on Last Call with Carson Daly. Then on Wednesday Last Call rolls out the red carpet for Chicago's Fruit Bats (this will be well worth your time). The newest Fruit Bats CD 'Spelled In Bones' came out in August and you should go check it out HERE.

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Take some ZAO and call me in the morning...

Just in time for Christmas Zao has announced the release of a staggering 2 DISC DVD!

"Available in stores everywhere Nov 15th, 'The Lesser Lights Of Heaven' is one of the single most expansive music DVDs ever. It features a 3.5 hour documentary on the tumultuous history of Zao. The DVD takes the viewer through the life of the band from it's inception, album by album, to Zao today, more than 10 years later. The documentary is completed by multiple interviews with the current band members, previous members (including Brett from the Juliana Theory and Jesse Smith), label people from SolidState and Ferret (those dudes rule) and much more. This 2-Disc set also features over 35 live songs comprised of 2 full live sets from the 'Funeral of God' tours and multiple songs from Zao over the years - including impressive moments like when the band broke up on stage." - Ferret Music


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